Melania Pizza will be CLOSED for the 4th of July. We will reopen Tuesday July 12th at 12pm.

Pizza il Bacio Rebranding as Melania Pizza – Answering Your Questions

Pizza il Bacio - Melania Pizza, LLC - 336 N Main St York New Salem, PA 17371

We wanted to take a moment to clarify a few things because there have been a number of questions and comments made recently regarding the name of our restaurant and our ownership.

Pizza il Bacio or Pizza al Bacio?

A restaurant named Pizza al Bacio used to be at the address we (Pizza il Bacio) have been located at since 2014. Pizza al Bacio still exists, but is located on the northern-side of York at 555 Ryan Run Rd, York, PA 17404. They have a completely different menu, serve/deliver for a different area, and are independently owned apart from Pizza il Bacio. This means you can’t call us to place an order from there or visa-versa (may seem obvious, but it happens and people get upset when they come to pick up and their order is ready for them across town).

Yes, we know it’s confusing that the names are so similar. Even some of the review and menu-listing websites have information from Pizza al Bacio listed at our address or under our name from when they were located at the same address. That’s why we’re preparing for a name change and branding update – to make it easier for our customers.

Who is Melania Pizza?

Melania Pizza is us – Pizza il Bacio. This is the name we’ll be working to transition to over the next several months. It’s not easy to make such a big change. We need to replace signage, menus, and lot’s more to fully make the switch.

Does Melania Pizza Have New Ownership?

No. Nothing about Pizza il Bacio is changing besides the name. It’s the same rockstar team and ownership offering great food, great customer service, fast delivery, and clean and inviting facilities. Our doughs and breads will continue to be made in-house on a daily basis and we will continue to use high-quality meats, cheeses, and produce sourced locally, resulting in a delicious and authentic meals at a reasonable price.